Beta Fasteners Inc is a family business specializing in the sale and distribution of hardware and industrial items.

Due to a family experience of more than 50 years in the field, Attaches Beta Inc is surrounded by the most important wholesalers and importers of hardware in Canada. The minimalist structure of the company allows it to offer always competitive prices without compromising on speed and quality of service.

Fast shipping everywhere in Canada
Fast shipping everywhere in Canada

Thousands of Products Available

Wide range of products available for delivery everywhere in Canada.

Best Prices

Because our large network of suppliers and our minimalist business structure, we are able to offer the best prices on the market.

  • Our wide range of products will meet all your industrial hardware needs :

    • Bolts
    • Nuts
    • Washers
    • Wood screws
    • Metal screws and self-drilling
    • Concrete anchors
    • Regular threaded rods
    • ACME threaded rods
  • All grades and materials available:

    • Grade 5
    • Grade 8
    • Grade 12(L9)
    • Class 8.8
    • Class 10.9
    • Class 12.9
    • SS304
    • SS316
    • SS410
    • Aluminium and etc.
  • Our wide range of quality accessories includes, among others:

    • Drilling accessories
    • Machining accessories
    • Pneumatic accessories
    • Hydraulic accessories
    • Building mechanics accessories
    • Cable ties and more!
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